I was derailed but now I am finding my way. Something special happens when you unlock something you always had, I have new eyes to see what I’ve always been


Lovely nature.
" I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.”― Eckhart Tolle

Organic  // Spiritual  // Hippie


Green Amber (fossilized tree resin from an ancient relative of a tropical species called “algarroba”) from Dominican Republic

it looks like underwater

OMG omg

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I’ve lived many lives, had many different faces but I am the same. I know my soul group and I’ve seen them in many different forms along the way. It’s good to meet ancient friends and reconnect by remembering where we came from, where we’ve been together and return home

Letting go lovingly is one of the most beautiful things we have in the world

I make a conscious decision to be positive,patient and kind, because I know of the injustices in the world. I am not caring because I’m not aware of the horrible state of the world, I am caring Because I know of the horrible state we live in and choose to heal it through love, compassion and kindness. Our purpose is to heal