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Find the strength to go through your darkest moments with grace and acceptance. What you are moving towards is a brilliant light



Before The Sunset by Photos of Thailand

My take on a happy human experience

The acceptance of everything that comes your way is a crucial factor that makes a person happy.  If we resist what the universe is gifting us with, this is where we create blockages that may have a spiralling effect.  With the faith that we are experiencing and receiving what is most beneficial for our own growth and the development of our consciousness, we allow the gifts of the universe to manifest in the most positive of ways.  On the flip side if we face what the universe gives us with resistance we can never receive the gift of enlightenment.  By accepting even the toughest of situations and emotions, powerful insights emerge.  These are the gifts of the universe and are of divine nature.  These insights must be reflected upon, cultivated and passed on to other souls that are in this human experience with us. 

Positive affirmations and prayer are amazing ways to raise the vibrations and bring more light into the world.  Wishing every single soul happiness and love is probably one of the best ways to guarantee your own happiness.  This encompasses the realization that we are all connected, we all come from the same source, and the essence of god is within us all.  The process of loving in such a way may not be easy at first but once you start practicing unconditional and selfless love in your daily life it expands your capacity to love and goes on infinitely.  We will heal the world with love.

Once you combine love and acceptance, fear and hurt will not penetrate your soul or rather they will not have such a tight grip and control over your life.  This is the moment were anything and everything becomes possible and therefore we must use this realization for the better good of humanity. 

When we look within and contemplate on what really matters we rise above the fear, not through ignorance but through ancient knowledge embedded deep within us.  Moving forward we need to greet even the coldest of people on the planet with love and compassion, for within them is the same divine spark that is within us.  In this day and age having faith in humanity might seem naïve to some, but on the contrary it is a sign of great strength and vision.  Let us meet our enemies with love, understanding and compassion, as it is everyone’s birth right.  Do this honestly and things will shift, people will rise above hate, greed and the illusion of fake power.  Be a living breathing example that love is true power.  The shift is happening and it is up to us to keep the momentum going until the day we walk the new earth.

As we learn to go through life with such grace, events become clearer and happen with apparent ease. The reason for this is because we are balanced and aligned with the one true source. 

So let us work to make our relationships more meaningful.  Let us break down our confining walls and branch out, giving ourselves fully to others. Let’s strive for balance and honest open communication as this leads to the most comfortable exchanges.  We must be aware of the energy we are putting out and how it affects those we are in contact with.  Let us be in tune with each other’s needs, everything must flow at a comfortable pace.  Be careful to identify attention from respect.  It is easy to get caught up in the attention you are given by others but remember, respect lasts much longer.  To be respectful to one another you must give to receive, and be able to receive to give in the way the divine intended it.  In this way balance is achieved. 

This knowledge is within all of us and it is just a matter of tapping into it.  The universe flows with undeniable synchronicity.  We know the laws of the universe especially now that we are awakening.  Trust your gut!

Life as we know it is becoming more and more exciting, interesting and magical. It is all up to the individual to experience as much as they can. Don’t limit yourself for you are infinite.  


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How blessed we are that we get to have this human experience. It is a truely magical time. Breathing it all in and breathing it out into the universe


Dunquin Pier, IrelandFiacre Muller