We must surrender to the universe one of our greatest teachers, even when the lesson is hard to learn. We are one with the divine, WIthin your being you know your resistance is no match for the universe’s persistence . I walk this path with the grace of the highest one infiltrating my every breath, and when I for some reason become unbalanced I fall into the arms of all things sacred and see this time as a new beginning a time to re balance through the holy trinity and de code the possibilities of my infinite being .

Hammock life

Flower of life Pyramid 5 5 inch custom design I made for @nellybbyxoxo

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This design was made with the intention to draw success and abundance to its owner. For this purpose I included #topaz #Citrine #Jade. All three are known to draw success and prosperity to its user. Topaz has the ability to align one with their divine purpose. Citrine creates a golden glow around the aura and converts negative energies into positive energy. Jade has long been prized in China as a symbol of love and good luck. 

Black tourmaline is the premier stone for blocking negativity. It also has strong grounding capabilites, helping one to release negative feelings and thoughts and inducing a calm centered persona. I included #unakite for its ability to facilitate insights into past problems that are creating blockages in the chakras. It gets down to the root cause of problems and helps see the issue from multiple perspectives. This is a masterpiece and the energy is truly vibrant! #SuperiorLifeEnergy

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