Sedona Raven by Darren LoPrinzi

Inici de jornada. Inicio de jornada. by Lluisrz on Flickr.

A friend once told me the people can’t see the stars in Vegas. What a shame that the man made illusion formed such a light that dimmed the stars and instead of living in harmony with them, they made them invisible in the night sky. We pray that the people find their light in the darkness of the night sky, may their bright light shining within be a source of awakening for their soul in bring forth healing to the world. This be done, may the people see the stars shining in Vegas again through the recognition that our light is the same light that the stars shine, our realisation of the sacred connection patterns within the universe will set us free and live in harmony with all that is. The moon’s energy is keeping me awake can you tell ?

That with which we change the world I praise, to the highest love with which we create, the endless flow of growing conciousness. Brothers and sisters bringing back the land to its people. The warriors of light shine bright again to claim back the land from the system of restraints and return it to its children in unity, everlasting creativity. The land came from the light and the light came from the land, the endless flow of developing conciousness.

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I surrender to the universe and it’s divine power. I give thanks for the flow of light and love that runs through me. Praising each day for the divine spark within that connects us all and unifies us as one. One.


☮nature, vintage, hippie blog☮ following back similar

☮nature, vintage, hippie blog☮ following back similar

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